Programme de gestion aide-soignante-résidante

Live-In Management Program

You already have the service of a private personal care attendant at home, but you also want a professional nurse to manage all of your care.

All of your daily personal needs are provided by this resident caregiver whom you know to be reliable and honest. Home Retreat in Montreal can help improve the care it provides you. Our evaluation and our weekly supervision can lead to providing you with better care adapted to your condition and responding to your changing needs.

Through weekly visits to your home, our care manager reviews the care you receive from your caregiver. This ensures your complete satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that you are actually getting the proper care. You really deserve it!

Our resident caregiver management program in Montreal includes all the following services:

  • an initial assessment with a competent care manager;
  • weekly supervision of a competent care manager;
  • training and revision of basic personal care techniques;
  • training on Home Retreat documentation;
  • continuous supply of home retreat documentation;
  • on-call support 24 hours a day to handle all urgent inquiries and requests;
  • communication with other health professionals;
  • assistance to navigate the maze of the health system;
  • arrangements for medical equipment and home supplies *;
  • immediate response for additional care.

* All additional purchases are not included in the price. They will simply be added to the invoice; no cash is required.

Contact us to find out how the Montreal-based Caregiver Management Program will help you make sure you receive the proper care.


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