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If you want to make sure your loved one is safe, this package is just right!

Our exclusive Peace of Mind package is designed for people who are faced with the desire to help their loved ones and the need to balance their professional and family lives. It is not easy to coordinate everything. Home Retreat in Montreal to help you benefit!

Many of us tend to handle crises one after the other. However, these successive crises can quickly become difficult to manage, especially when it comes to n near ill. Thanks to the Peace of Mind package, it will be easier for you to be proactive as your loved one’s needs change and solve problems before they turn into a crisis.

The Peace of Mind package includes all the basic care your loved one will need during your absence. Your peace of mind will come from the fact that a responsible and experienced company in home care will provide support and personal care to your loved one’s home, 24-hour continuous supervision while keeping you informed of the situation. We work in the utmost discretion so that your loved one does not have the feeling that one disturbs his habits and so that it remains serene.

 The Peace of Mind package in Montreal includes all the following services:

  • Care management services, including an initial assessment with a client care manager
  • Personal care services
  • Personal alarm system with surveillance 24 hours a day
  • Monthly visit from an experienced care manager
  • Weekly Phone Call by a Client Care Manager
  • Arrangements for medical equipment and home supplies
  • On-call support 24 hours a day to handle all questions and urgent requests
  • Communication with other health professionals
  • Immediate response for additional care.

Contact us  to find out how the Peace of Mind Package in Montreal can help you provide the right care for your loved one.

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