What is home health care?

Home health care is defined as home visits by professionals and health care workers, including nurses and attendant attendants. This care is normally provided to individuals and their families in their own homes to promote, maintain or restore their health.

With Home Retreat, home health care services can include both medical and non-medical care services and are provided by accredited and non-accredited health professionals. By accessing our wide range of home health care services, you can receive everything you need to stay comfortable, safe and happy in your home for as long as you want.

What is personalized care?

Home Retreat offers personalized home care services to all its clients. It means that :

  • We take the time it takes to get to know you personally so that you can adequately express all your concerns.
  • We take the time to find out about your specific needs and preferences in order to develop a personalized home care plan that meets your needs and your budget.
  • Our services are offered by a qualified caregiver, with easy and warm contact. It will meet your personal needs.
  • The programming of our services respects YOUR DESIRES.
  • We are available on call, 24 hours a day, to listen to your concerns and respond quickly to home or health problems.

If I feel that I need help, why should I choose home care rather than a retirement home?

When faced with a loss of independence or a decline in your health, the option of moving to a retirement home may seem inevitable at first glance.

Home health care is, however, a valuable option for resolving and / or alleviating your health problems. Here’s why :

  • The house is where you feel comfortable and safe. It is also the place that keeps all your memories. Studies have shown that we heal faster when we are at home.
  • You can maintain your independence.
  • The vast majority of retirement home costs include housing and food. If you already own your home, these additional expenses are not necessary.
  • In many retirement homes, if you ask for additional care, you have to pay them on a fee-for-service basis and in addition to what you already pay.
  • There are grants for home health care for people 70 years and older. You may be able to access these home support grants for seniors.
  • At Home Retreat, our home health care services are customized to your needs and preferences – all in the comfort of your home!

Do you work only with seniors?

At Home Retreat, our expertise and efforts are focused on seniors. However, our home health care services are available to anyone in need of assistance. Our caregivers are experienced and well trained to provide home health care to people of all ages.

Are subsidies available for Home Retreat? If so, can Home Retreat help me get these grants?

Yes, there are various possible grants that may fully or partially cover home care services. It is important to contact us for information on grants because they can vary from one person to another and from year to year.

Are your carers bonded and insured?

Yes, all our caregivers are bonded and insured.

How can I tell if your caregivers are reliable and will be safe?

Our rigorous selection procedures ensure that our caregivers meet the highest standards established in the field of home health care and services. Each member of the team passes a biennial check of his criminal record, They are all Canadian citizens. We provide professional continuing education. We require annual certifications in CPR, and software alerts us when an individual needs to renew their licenses (eg, nurse certification).

Our care managers regularly conduct “supervision visits” to clients’ homes to ensure that they receive the required quality of care. The time of these visits is given to the client, but is not disclosed to your caregiver. All our caregivers know that they will receive surprise visits from their supervisors and that they must always perform well.

Your safety is our highest priority.

How do you select your caregivers?

At Home Retreat, we demand the maximum of our employees and we rigorously select caregivers who care for our clients. To become an employee of Home Retreat, a person must meet the following criteria:

  • Possess the interpersonal skills necessary to improve the quality of life of our clients.
  • Having a College Certification (DEC) as a Registered Nurse or a Secondary School Professional Certification (DEP) as a Nursing Assistant, makes a candidate fit for nursing responsibilities.
  • Holding a Secondary School Professional Education (DEP) designation as a Beneficiary Attendant or a Family Assistant opens the application for personal care positions.
  • Possessing experience / equivalence to the certifications mentioned in the previous paragraph gives the candidate a great advantage in obtaining a position in company services and housekeeping services.
  • Maintain the Certificate of Practice Permit for Nurses and Licensed Practices.
  • Possess a recent blank criminal record.
  • Have a recent CPR certification.

Once selected, a candidate must complete a full orientation session from our management team before being formally engaged. During this orientation, all employees are informed and tested about our policies and procedures, human rights, and practices related to the health care field. All employees must also meet each client care manager. We also ask them questions and look for inconsistencies or potential problems through their responses.

In most circumstances, one of our Client Care Managers accompanies the employee in their first work period with a client. This framework helps to ensure that the new employee follows the rules in his or her first shift. We also aim to ensure that the customer is reassured.

Will I benefit from warm relationships with my caregivers?

Yes. With Home Retreat, one of our goals is to provide you with a team of dedicated caregivers with whom you can develop friendly exchanges. We strongly encourage each client to accept a minimum of 2 caregivers alternating their work periods; this makes it possible to have a suitable and familiar substitute if the second falls sick or takes a vacation.

Can I choose the visiting hours of my caregiver?

Yes. Home Retreat allows you to choose all your visiting hours for caregivers. Whether you prefer morning, afternoon, evening, night or weekends, we respect your preferences. You can also choose the duration and frequency of your visits. It’s your choice.

Is there a fee for an initial assessment visit by the case manager?

There is no fee or obligation on your part for the initial consultation. The initial consultation is chosen at your convenience and at your home and, for your comfort, with or without the presence of a loved one. It serves to get to know you better and help you understand your choices for home health care.

Once we have met you and given all the necessary information, you can take all the time you need to make a decision. We will take the time to understand you, analyze your needs and answer all your concerns without obligation to accept the service.

What happens if my caregiver is sick?

With Home Retreat, your safety and protection are our top priorities. If one of our caregivers is sick, we ask them not to go back to work (we do not take a chance in cases of colds or flu) and call the office. We call another caregiver as an alternate as soon as possible, preferably a caregiver who has already treated you. We will contact you shortly to inform you.

Do you provide personalized services to people who already live in shelters or retirement homes?

Yes. All of our home health care services can be provided in any type of facility wherever you are. Our services are flexible and can follow you wherever. For example, if you need surgery and go to the hospital, we can provide additional or additional care at the hospital itself and then help you plan your return home and continue your care. For people who already live in a reception center or retirement home, we can provide additional services not offered by their institution.

How do you communicate with family members?

We communicate with designated family members as needed and requested. We have very strict privacy policies regarding who we can disclose confidential information to. That is why it is very important to establish in advance who will be contacted and to what extent. In accordance with the wishes of the client, we will gladly provide any relevant and relevant information
to the designated persons.